Career Switch: taking a career search journey


Career Switch:  taking a career search journey


At some point in their lives, many people feel dissatisfied with their current job, they don’t enjoy it as much, they lack motivation and this is a clear sign that it’s time for a change.

In this blog we will focus on the opportunities of a career switch and explain how can one best explore different career options . There are many different reasons why one decides to switch their career. Some are bored of doing the same work day after day, others long for accomplishments, growth and financial stability. We often talk about career switch during job interviews with our potential candidates. It is remarkable how long the list of reasons why people change their jobs can be…

The biggest issue here is that career switching can be seen as a common problem for potential hires. Recruiters are cautiously examining resumes and often rejecting job-hoppers, fearing their lack of long-term commitment. Many working people and job-seekers worry about being labeled job hoppers when they try to make an effort to advance their career. So how can you take on a career journey, explore the job market and find out what fits you best, without damaging your reputation as a trustworthy candidate and being labeled a job hopper?

Our agency is one of the many employers, shifting towards a new contemporary way of looking at candidates who don’t stay at the same position for years. The world we live in nowadays is so dynamic, fast-growing and unpredictable, which has influence on employment as well. This dynamic shift has brought up a new perspective. Frequent change of jobs can also be seen as a way of searching a faster growing platform, where you can fully accomplish yourself and grow more rapidly, as opposed to the old-fashioned notion, that people stay at jobs they hate just because they are afraid of how the switch would look like on their resumes.  Liz Ryan, a former Fortune 500 HR SVP, who  used to be an opera singer, also a supporter of this contemporary way of thinking, describes this notion in her article “ Ten Reasons Successful People Change Jobs More Often” .

Our message to all job-seekers and workers is the following: the employer, who can offer you good training, learning experience and values you the most, is the one who appreciates real accomplishments, more than old-fashioned notions of “stability” based on long tenure on one single job.

Meta Carriere Uitzendbureau offers the possibility to its employees to explore the job market and find the area of work they feel most satisfied with, without being stigmatized as job-hoppers. As an employment intermediary we employ staff, but offer them the freedom of exploring other niches by placing them to work for a different client for example, in a different sector, while maintaining the status of their current employer.

Are you interested in what our agency can offer you? Feel free to contact us for a free consult, career advice and explore options for work and trainings.